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Those lucky enough to have had a decent education and found permanent employment usually find themselves working tirelessly towards paying rent, buying groceries, paying hospital or dental bills, paying car insurance, house insurance, school fees and all the other responsibilities we have.

In the rush of life we tend to forget that there are so many people in the world who have less than us - some have nothing bar the scraps of cloth left on their backs.

Tomorrow and in honour of Nelson Mandela's 94th birthday, many corporates are gathering their employees in an effort to make the lives of those in these establishments such as children's homes, old age homes, community halls, communities, cleaning beaches and railway lines, contributing to the needs of children and teachers in rural schools and general assistance to establishments.

This is just for one day, and for 67 minutes specifically. There are companies that incorporate corporate social responsibility initiatives into its core functions. 

Why would corporates do this you ask. 

Well, the honest truth is that there are two are very vital aspects to giving back from a corporate perspective: It's the right thing to do and, it's good for business. For both the short-term and the long-term.

How so, you ask. 

Well firstly, corporates have the responsibility to look after the communities in which they operate and to do so will reap great rewards in that by helping - whether it be by opening the proverbial doors so youngsters may receive a decent education, or teaching an adult to read and write, or providing bursaries to students to study further who wouldn't usually be able to do so, or by providing healthcare opportunities to those who can't afford them means:

Brand loyalty for one thing is always something a corporate strives to have in its customers, to nurture that in a customer ensures sustainability of a company, and in light of the fact that the economy has been in crisis, to have those customers are the first step to keeping the doors open. Nice to know.

It also brings employees of a company together - people that perhaps usually wouldn't work together in the first place. It creates a platform where people work as teams rather than on their own. It raises the morale of the company, it provides a platform for greater productivity too.

But there are more important rewards. When including a socially responsive platform in your company's portfolio, it means you care: You care about people, you care about the planet and by caring about these things, your profits will mean more to you, your company, your employees and the people whose lives you have tried to make a significant difference to will remember your company.

If this could be an every day thing, the world, or at least the country would be in a far better position economically: Less gangsterism, less drug usage, less crime, less orphans, less inequality and more ubuntu. Imagine that for a second.

Tomorrow, Cape Media Corporation, together with the Ubuntu Girl is gathering all levels of employees: directors, managers, production department, sales department and the accounts and debtors departments together to support an organisation that has been very busy for the last few years making a difference to the lives of young children and to the lives of prisoners, many of whom have been rehabilitated and given another chance to enter back into society through her coaching, assistance, determination, kindness and love. 

We are going to help SmilingOne Foundation which is assisting the Ivy Nyovane school in Nyanga.

Tomorrow is going to be a day that will see the light in the eyes of hundreds of children return, if just for the afternoon, where the sunshine in their laughter will heat us up as we realise what we are doing isn't for ourselves, it's for others who are in need, and for those who really have nothing to give us - a refreshing perspective when you are in the thick of it, but one that is worthwhile. 

Ubuntu will do a follow up story with more details as to what transpired on Nelson Mandela's 94th birthday.

Tata Madiba, happy birthday to you. May your spirit be lifted by seeing the good work we are all doing in your honour and for the better of our people.

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