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Archibishop Desmond Tutu Wins Shoprite Woman Of The Year Award

Shoprite Woman of The Year Award

Under normal circumstances one would be shocked or confused.  However, the truth is that Archbishop Desmond Tutu, often referred to as "The Arch" deserved to win this award.

Because despite his gender, he is a massive inspiration to SA women and to the country as a whole and more often than not, women resonate more with the ideals he embraces: equality, fairness, social contributions, ubuntu and the like.

The Arch has often spoken out against human rights atrocities, spoken against government, and spoken against international controversies, but through it all, when people feel lost or confused or needing guidance the most with regards to social issues that have been made pertinent for whatever reason, the Arch will speak.
A moral compass, a good citizen and a good man, we look up to him because he embodies all that we as the human race should aspire towards.

Yes, it is unusual that a man, a retired bishop no less, wins the award, but what this marks, is a sense that everybody has the ability to do good, no matter what your gender.

We congratulate him on this phenomenal win. We look forward to seeing what this does to the male part of our society and we look forward to the next man to win the Shoprite Woman of The Year Award. 

Perhaps due to the game changer, it shall undergo a new name? We will wait and see.

We would like to hear about what you think about this award being given to The Arch. 
Opinions always welcome! 
You could also email: Info@capemedia.co.za

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