by Simone Cadwell

Developing communities

Creating homes not just houses

Volunteers do their part
Working towards community development

The state of housing within South Africa, has been a topic in many discussions. Projects have been put into place to provide homes for those in the poorer areas but the progress of this has been slow and painful.

The leaders claim challenges with the provision of the houses yet we see much bigger developments taking place at the expense of the tax payer. Enter Habitat for Humanity. A non profit organization that have been relentless in their provision of homes, not just houses, to the less fortunate. 

Many corporate companies have realised the value within the services provided by them. This is why nearly 6 500 volunteers from 34 corporate companies joined forces to build houses for communities in need.

The project took place between the 1-5 October and has been the largest Corporate Blitz Build to date. A total of 64 houses were built in communities across the following regions: Orange Farm (Gauteng), Mfuleni (Western Cape) and in Umgababa in Kwazulu-Natal.

Established by the United Nations in 1985, World Habitat Day occurs on the first Monday in October each year and was established to remind the world of its collective responsibility for human habitat and to call attention to the basic right to adequate shelter for all across the globe. This day is commemorated by Habitat for Humanity each year in the 80+ countries in which it operates. 

During the build week volunteers worked under the guidance of Habitat’s qualified artisans in; mixing cement, passing building blocks, erecting walls, trusses and the laying of roof tiles just to name a few. On the 5th and final day of the building week, all 64 houses were handed over at Habitat’s Official Dedication Ceremony across the country.

“64 families will have a place they can call home and the opportunity to break the shackles of poverty from one generation to the next – made possible through the collective power of people coming and working together to help others in need”, said; Adrienne Burke, Habitat’s Marketing Specialist.

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