by Tracee Harvard

SA In The Summer Olympics

Sport Is The Unspoken Language Of Ubuntu

Summer Olympics 2012
The medium of sport has always been a unifying element that brings people together of different cultures, races, creeds, ethnic groups and genders despite the various differences.

And, it is also a medium by which children who live in areas of poverty can use to better themselves by becoming goal driven, learning the importance of becoming team players, learning self-discipline, and excelling against all odds. 

Sports development in SA is a strong tool that helps our children to stay off the streets, who choose to live safer and healthier lives, rather than becoming initiated into gangs that they cannot get away from if they choose to, which often leads to crime, violence, drug addiction and even death.

To watch the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics of 2012, is highly charged with emotion. In essence, seeing many countries coming together in peace, to perform, to play and to hopefully win - for themselves - but also for their country is an extra-ordinary event.

But for South Africans, it should be a reminder of what we nearly lost. SA was a member of the British Commonwealth, but was banned when apartheid gripped the country in terror and fear. 

It is only with national icons, Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk who came together and made a difference to the country, and abolished apartheid, opening the door to democracy for SA that we were allowed back into the Commonwealth. 

To be allowed to once again, participate in such memorable events on a global capacity, reminds us of how far we have come as a country.

Four days into the Games and Cameron Van De Bergh has taken the gold for the 100m breaststroke final, and Chad Le Clos is competing in the semifinals for the 200m butterfly event - an exciting for South Africa, and that is just the start!

SA is in a position to come home with many medals, but what they will, and we should take away from this international sporting event, is that sport is the intangible thread that links us all together and strips away the cultural differences, the gender issues, the societal differences and the inequalities and allows us to communicate with one another, where understanding can take place, where forgiveness can exist, and where a new future can be found. That, is where we all win gold.

And that is priceless.
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