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SA youth sail the world

Eight South Africans will take part in a 4 000 mile race

SA youth sail the world
Eight South Africans will take part in a 4,000-mile race

Clipper Ventures at Royal Clarence Marina, which is run by legendary sailor, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail solo non-stop around the world, will take eight young South Africans on its race.

The project will help teach leadership to the eight as they take part in the 4 000 mile Clipper Round the World Race this summer.

The South Africans, aged 18 to 23, will each sail on one of the eight legs of the race.

Pete Stirling, 47, from Garstons Close in Titchfield and Gareth Glover, 36, of Gosport, will lead two crews of sailors in the race.

The race sees expert sailors lead amateur crews on each leg of the race, which is 11 months long in total.

Racers will arrive in Cape Town in South Africa in late October.

The Sapinda Rainbow project will see the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund help select the young South Africans, with Clipper supporting the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust.

The chosen eight will then become ambassadors for the trust.

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