by Simone Cadwell

Confident 2b me

Nation building initiative with a twist

Confident nation builders
Training people builds communities

The Proud2b Me Foundation is a non-profit, community development organisation with an ethos based on the international fundamental principles of family and community preservation.  

Thousands of community members will undergo intensive training in the fundamentals of family planning, family responsibility, their roles as individuals and/or parents in society.

Communities need to revert to the age-old value of being a loving, supportive and above all responsible unit. This is sorely lacking in our country.

The Foundation often reaches out to businesses, media, municipalities, government, individuals and fellow non-profit organisations. The general public also has a big role to play, as it assists in the efforts, by donating and volunteering as community educators.  

Evidence based Sector Education Training Authorities (Setas) registered programmes, will be rolled out with the funds received.

Adele Gosse, founder and director of the Foundation says the initial seven months of the five year project kicks off with an educational road show to create awareness of the programmes and will start from Cape Town to Musina, then to St Lucia and back to Cape Town again. 

The training provided to the communities will coach and guide trainers to sustainably develop and preserve effective, balanced and responsible individuals, families and ultimately communities.

Training will be covered in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa as well as kiSwahili, Shona and Arabic.

The campaign objectives are optimistic. By 2018 it will have:

  • Reached over 10 million families across South Africa, mobilised and trained them to take ownership of sustainable active citizenship.
  • Trained 1.2 million community members as support group leaders to take ownership of active citizenship and responsibility in their own homes and communities.
  • 3 000 Seta registered facilitators, within more than 100 organisations and non-profit organisations throughout South Africa.
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