by Devin Ross

The domino effect

Partnership leads to sponsored education for over 200 disadvantaged youth

The domino effect
Partnership leads to sponsored education

In a multi-million rand partnership that is set to provide 200 young people with education in 2013, three large corporate companies, launched the ‘One for One’ programme. The multi-million rand initiative seeks to provide education to 200 disadvantaged people per annum at no cost to them.

The ‘One for One’ programme works on the basis that for every staff member who is registered on the Higher Certificate in Business Management (HCBM) course, one disadvantaged student from the Maharishi Institute is granted a full sponsorship to complete the same programme. This initiative will run over a three-year period and will provide close to R20 million worth of sponsored education, meaningfully changing the lives of six hundred recipients over the three years. 

These selected students will attend classes at the Maharishi Institute in Marshalltown, Johannesburg. With the majority of Maharishi Institute students having experienced tough times throughout their lives, this initiative presents an opportunity for them to become employable graduates.

At the launch of this initiative, Dr Taddy Blecher, CEO of the Maharishi Institute stated, “it’s incredible that this year over R5 million worth of studies will be undertaken by students who otherwise would not have been able to access university education”. Students will get the opportunity to study at, “one of the top private business schools in South Africa today.” The ‘One for One’ programme will provide Regenesys Higher Certificates in Business Management (HCBM) to the value of R20 million over three years.

Other guest speakers at the launch included African Bank Investments Ltd CEO, Mr Leon Kirkinis; Ellerine Holdings Limited (EHL) CEO, Mr Toni Fourie; Founder and Chairperson of Regenesys, Dr Marko Saravanja; CEO of Regenesys, Ms Siegie Brownlee and Senior Manager of ABIL Institute, Ms Erika Botha.

Kirkinis, ABIL CEO, commented that “African Bank started as a vision, an idea, to try and give people access to credit to provide their children with a better education and a better life than they previously had”. In a motivating message to the students, he added that “if you have a dream, know that the only thing that will stand in your way in achieving that dream is yourself” and that “education is one of the most powerful ways to achieve your future dreams.”

Fourie, EHL CEO, went on to highlight the importance of education and the dire circumstances that South Africa faces as a result of the challenges in education. He encouraged the students presented with this unique opportunity to take it and “make a difference in their lives and help build the country.”

Saravanja, Founder and Chairperson of Regenesys, commented that the HCBM programme will change the lives of these students intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. He added that this initiative will help them to “achieve their dreams and achieve freedom.” On an intellectual level, the programme will provide students with knowledge  in competitive strategy, developing business models, strategic planning, marketing management, financial management and human resource models in order to one day assist in tapping into human potential.

Dr Marko Saravanja, Founder and Chairperson of Regenesys Business School, commenting on the importance of education to awaken potential.

"On an emotional level, students will gain emotional intelligence. They will learn to be more tolerant and mature in order to put the needs of others first. And on a spiritual level, to be guided by their purpose in life and being driven by core values such as integrity, trust and respect."


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