by Monique Broumels

Ubuntu Breakfast speaker Dr Micheal Mol

Success is playing to your strengths

Dr Michael Mol says play to your strengths

Why are we so concerned with our weaknesses? For some reason we are and we spend a great deal of time trying to overcome them. But what we really need to be doing in order to feel fulfilled and to succeed is strengthen our strengths to become exceptional.

This was the subject of Micheal Mol's address at the SA Ubuntu Foundation and Amy Biehl Foundation's networking breakfast.

Dr Michael Mol is known to most South Africans as the presenter of Top Billing and more recently as the presenter of Espresso and The Dr Mol Show where he effectively shares his MD training with helping the public.

And Michael's interest is effectively an interest in helping people, his co-founding of the futurist consultancy TomorrowToday allowed him to devote more time to working with individuals and organisations, helping them to understand the way the world works, trends that will affect us in the future, and what to do today to be ready for them. His passion is helping people find true significance and a holistic, balanced approach to the world they live in.

 He pointed out that of the top three regrets that people have in life these are that:

  • They wish that they were more of their authentic selves and not worried about fitting into others' ideals about themselves.

  • They wish that they hadn't worked so hard and rather spent time with their family.

  • They wish that they had allowed themselves to be more happy.

We seem to expect that our personalities will change when we grow up but in reality we become more of what we are.

In order to be more happy, one has to look at what one's strengths rather than one's weaknesses. Spending time sorting out or eliminating one's weaknesses takes more time and effort than work on what you are good at. The progress that you make trying to correct weaknesses are minimal in comparison to what one can achieve when working on one's strengths.

And moreover, the more you work on your strengths and talents, the more you are likely to enjoy what you are doing.

Now isn't that the kind of advice that you'd expect from a former Mr. South Africa, a Red Cross Children’s Champion and a patron of SA Cares for Life and Living Hope.

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