Ubuntu In The Home

Ending Domestic Violence In The Home

Domestic abuse in households contributes to SA's social malaise
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Once again Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu is in the spotlight. But so is his wife of 57 years, Leah Tutu.

It really starts at home, doesn't it? The importance of caring, kindness, understanding, forgiveness and love - because that spills over into society. How we treat those closest to us are testament to how we treat others. 

It was reported that The Arch and his wife (the Desmond and Leah Legacy Foundation) together with the SA Faith and Family Institute (Saffi) have formed a partnership called Ubuntu In The Home, a pilot project that is aimed to minimise domestic abuse in SA which will train religious leaders about how to make a positive impact on women in abusive relationships. 

One of the pivotal reasons for the partnership is to establish ways in which to eradicate domestic violence in the home through researching the social issue.

In SA's society, the nuclear family is practically non-existent, and with social issues such as these - if they are not treated and dealt with, SA will just be adding to the social malaise that hinders SA's progress.
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