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Festival to boost CT youth Artscape festival aims to assist disadvantaged communities
The Youth Festival forms part of the Artscape Educational Youth Development Programme designed to promote social cohesion, good citizenship and empowerment through the arts
27 May 2013 - T. M.
Team effort Working together to increase awareness
Civil society, big business and the South African Government have teamed up to promote family health and create awareness around polio, HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis (TB) and non-communicable diseases.
17 May 2013 - H. A.
In for the long haul Bikers support education
Four bikers will ride 15 000 kilometres from South Africa to Uganda in support of Quality Education for South Africa (QE4SA).
06 Dec 2012 - S. K.
Unite for the future Creating sustainable communities
The journey toward social, economic and environmental communal liberation is a global responsibility and one in which everyone can play a role.
25 Oct 2012 - B. W.
Confident 2b me Nation building initiative with a twist
Focused on bringing about positive social change, the Proud2b Me Foundation has embarked on a unique nation-building campaign called "responsibility; it starts with me"
15 Oct 2012 - S. C.
Community development Creating a sustained transformation
Tintswalo Property Group has partnered with the Diepsloot community with the aim of creating a sustained transformation for the poverty-stricken township.
05 Oct 2012 - C. S.


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