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Child protection Kids' right need to be protected
Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan once spoke about the importance of creating safe environments for children, saying: "There is no trust more sacred than the one the world
03 Jun 2016 - M. o. S. D. B. D.
MEN IN THE MAKING DAY 110 corporates guide 1000 boy learners in one day
Over 110 business leaders and government jumped aboard a powerful career and life skills project today in a bid to tackle gender-based violence and unemployment. Decision makers
26 Mar 2015
BET YOUR LIFE Multidrug-resistant bacteria on the increase
Some world’s largest pharmaceutical companies have halted research on new antibiotics to focus on more profitable lines
07 Nov 2014 - T. K.
MINERS RECEIVE HOUSING Mining towns to receive R2.1bn for housing
Two new corporate social investment surveys give mining companies the best marks of all listed stocks for their corporate social investments
03 Nov 2014
READING COMPETITION Inspiring developing minds in townships
If we want to create a gang free society, a safe society, we must start developing the young with good quality education.
24 Oct 2014
INVEST IN AFRICA R2.5 billion investment set out for Africa 2014/2015
The Public Investment Corporation, a South African government-owned financial services provider, plans to invest R2.5 billion on the African continent during the 2014/15 financial year.
24 Oct 2014
A CUPPA A DAY Miss SA hosts a Cuppa for Cancer
End October on a high note by rallying the troops to drink a Cuppa or virtual Cuppa and supports children / teens & families affected by cancer
23 Oct 2014
SPORT BRIDGE DIVIDE An end to cultural divides
Sports has the formidable power of bridging both international and cultural divides, said President Jacob Zuma
01 Oct 2014
MOTHER TONGUE EDUCATION Enthusiastic response to maths translations
Xhosa school children from grade R – 12 are now able to access maths lessons, not only in English but also in their mother tongue
18 Sep 2014 - N. H.
DEVELOPING SA FILM Growing local talent
M-Net has announced that it will launch its own Film Academy at the beginning of 2015, in an effort to contribute to the development of the South African film and television industry
29 Aug 2014 - K. G.
GOOD OR BAD? The significance of CSR
Is CSR a worthwhile focus for corporate time and effort or is it a palliative, a smokescreen and a distraction?
27 Aug 2014 - P. S.
LEADING THE WAY Social investment the way it should be
A company's long-term financial success goes hand in hand with its record on social responsibility, environmental stewardship and corporate ethics
25 Aug 2014 - G. K.

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