MINERS RECEIVE HOUSING Mining towns to receive R2.1bn for housing
Two new corporate social investment surveys give mining companies the best marks of all listed stocks for their corporate social investments
03 Nov 2014
GOOD OR BAD? The significance of CSR
Is CSR a worthwhile focus for corporate time and effort or is it a palliative, a smokescreen and a distraction?
27 Aug 2014 - P. S.
SA'S ARTISTIC CHALLENGE SA is changing through the Arts
Performance Art meets Visual Art, young African leaders collaborate and the results are the explosive Arts Township International (ATi) inspired by Obama's Administration's YALI
18 Jun 2014
DEVELOPMENT Small business incubation hub to help develop Diepsloot
Diepsloot in the far north of Johannesburg is a cauldron of corrugated iron shacks, small brick homes, dusty roads, shebeens, and pavement hawkers.
11 Apr 2014 - L. D.
Wealthy people have a moral obligation to help those who are dying or suffering because of poverty. Interventions are needed, involving not only private individuals but also public institutions
10 Apr 2014 - H. C. / A. F.
Women empowerment Is South African legislature failing its women?
Government departments, companies and civil society organisations will be required to fill a minimum of 50% of all senior and top management positions with women by 2015
05 Feb 2014 - S. P.
Fraudulent charities Social development with ulterior motives
The cost of fraud is significant in the charity sector, with figures suggesting that fraudulent activity costs charities as much as R17490 billion a year.
19 Aug 2013 - S. B.
Charities lack IT resources The world wide web is lost to many charity organisations
A National Computing survey for IT investment recently found that charities invested the least per head in technology of any sector they looked at. So why don't more charities invest in technology?
28 Jun 2013 - R. C.
Companies should upskill for social change Skilled for the challenge
Corporate philanthropy, once defined by monetary contribution, while critical, is only one of many assets a company can bring to bear and is often far less powerful than the skills and capabilities required.
16 May 2013 - P. S.
Mini City is a work in progress Cape Town's new economic hub extends its urban edge further north
Six years in the planning, Wescape, Cape Town's biggest urban development project yet, is set to be built near Melkbosstrand on the city’s northwestern edge and will connect Atlantis to the city
18 Mar 2013 - W. H.
Impact entrepreneurship Investors warm up to the do-good trend
Welcome to the world of impact entrepreneurship, which places as much importance on socially conscious activities as on profit
11 Mar 2013
1000s of NGOs deregistered Poor will suffer most - MEC
Western Cape MEC for Social development, Albert Fritz, says delisting non-governmental organisations will have disastrous consequences for vulnerable communities.
11 Feb 2013 - S. B.

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