The Elasticity of Life Stretching to make the most of your circumstances
One of the best qualities of humanity is our capacity for resilience. Many people experience and endure untenable circumstances in life and, like elastic bands, stretch to the occasion.
26 Aug 2013 - C. C.
Happy birthday Madiba You are in our thoughts
The Ubuntu team wishes you, Tata Madiba, a very happy 95th birthday
18 Jul 2013
Yenza shares resources The Ubuntu girl embarks on the journey of SELF
Sonja Kruse, the Ubuntu girl joins Yenza and discovers just how the SELF project has worked with over 20 teenagers on all aspects of self development while empowering communities.
03 Jun 2013 - S. K.
For the love of SA Continuing the work of Amy Biehl
August will mark 20 years since the death of Amy Biehl, and will be an appropriate date to reflect on the past two decades in South Africa, and look toward the next two
25 Mar 2013 - M. B.
Things can only get better The non-profit sector faces some stressful challenges – but there is hope
What is in store for the social development sector in 2013? Sophie Hobbs of GreaterGood SA looks back at developments in 2012 and how they will influence the sector this year.
21 Mar 2013 - S. H.
Somehow different We are all on a journey of discovery
The biggest blessing of the Ubuntu journey is the continuation of the many connections made, families gained. Many of my host families inspire me daily with the work they do within their communities.
01 Mar 2013 - S. K.
Reflecting on 2012 Time won’t tell the actual length between one lesson and the next
The same length of time will pass from one year to the next, yet it is up to you to determine the lessons you take with you and how they will affect your future.
16 Jan 2013 - S. K.
Finding the cracks The Ubuntu Girl shares her story
This past month I‘ve come face to face with my ugly side. It has been about finding the cracks. “There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in” said Leonard Cohen.
09 Nov 2012 - S. K.
Cultural Warmth: A Strategic Asset in Complex Plural Societies South African Ubuntu Foundation Business Networking Breakfast
Dr Ivan Meyer, Provincial Minister for Cultural Affairs and Sport, spoke on the importance of embracing each other's cultures.
12 Sep 2012
The Amy Biehl Story Amy's Lasting Legacy
Amy Biehl was a phenomenal young woman, who died trying to make a difference to the lives of impoverished South Africans during the apartheid era. She died trying to make this difference, but her legacy lives o
09 Jul 2012
The Ubuntu Girl The spirit of ubuntu does indeed exist in all of us
Sonja Kruse, aka The Ubuntu Girl, had a dream - a recurring dream that one day made her decide to travel around South Africa, proving to herself firstly that the spirit of ubuntu
09 Jul 2012
The SA Ubuntu Foundation What the Foundation is all about
The SA Ubuntu Foundation is a great foundation to be a part of, and it has some phenomenal celebrities, both political, artistic and businesspeople heavily involved in the work it does to make SA a better place for all
09 Jul 2012

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