Nation Building
Child protection Kids' right need to be protected
Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan once spoke about the importance of creating safe environments for children, saying: "There is no trust more sacred than the one the world
03 Jun 2016 - M. o. S. D. B. D.
INVEST IN AFRICA R2.5 billion investment set out for Africa 2014/2015
The Public Investment Corporation, a South African government-owned financial services provider, plans to invest R2.5 billion on the African continent during the 2014/15 financial year.
24 Oct 2014
POWERFUL PARTNERSHIPS Bringing quality education to all children
Eduloan, as part of its corporate social investment programme partnered with the Partners for Possibility (PfP) programme as a means of providing creative and innovative solutions to the national education
23 Aug 2014
MANDELA DAY Do your part and get involved
Wondering what to do for Mandela Day? Here are a few ways to get involved. Regardless of what you wish to donate, be it your time, resources or finances.
16 Jul 2014
SOLAR POWER Dairy embraces renewable energy
The installation of a 20 kilowatt (kW) thin film solar photovoltaic (PV) plant at Camphill Village in the Western Cape, has made its dairy one of the first in South Africa to
11 Apr 2014 - A. G.
COMPLETE CONTROL Abuse as a tool to control
Emotionally abusive relationships can destroy your self-esteem, lead to depression, and give you a sense of helplessness. Recognising that your situation is abusive is the first step to being free
09 Apr 2014 - Z. R.
Affordable housing European Bank injects R2bn into SA housing
European Investment Bank backs South African affordable and social housing by providing a further R2 billion (EUR €150 million) for investment in affordable and social housing in South Africa.
08 Nov 2013
The count down begins The world is geared up to celebrate Madiba's birthday
Global celebrations and charity events will mark Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday on Thursday, making this years' Mandela Day celebrations the biggest event of the decade.
17 Jul 2013 - S. G.
A long run to freedom Historical Mandela Day Marathon lies ahead
Runners in this year's 42km Mandela Day Marathon will get an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the global icon from Manaye Hall in Pietermaritzburg to Howick.
08 Jul 2013 - V. K.
CSR a 'radar' for new ideas CSR initiatives enable organisations to anticipate social changes
Clever organisations will realise that regular interactions with stakeholders on CSR initiatives can also assist them in identifying trends in the market and introducing new innovations
23 May 2013 - D. E. V. T.
Draw some happiness Night of a 1000Drawings unites people across the board
A Night of a 1000 Drawings brings together school children, homeless people, professional designers and artists, as well as aspiring scribblers and art enthusiasts to share a collective voice.
13 May 2013 - S. V. D. B.
Corporate SA scrutinised over CSR JSE index checks for compliance
The JSE's Socially Responsible Investment Index aims to measure the social impacts of the countries biggest companies.
24 Apr 2013 - F. S.

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