by Sam Van Den Berg

Draw some happiness

Night of a 1000Drawings unites people across the board

Draw some happiness
Night of a 1000 Drawings unites people

Draw anything, with anything, on anything A5! Donate your artwork for a single night's massive inner city art extravaganza sale to make a difference.

This year Night of a 1000 Drawings is going deeper underground to connect with those who need it most. Discover new charities, new bands, new performers, new artists, and an inspiring venue bursting with exciting new drawings. At R100 a piece, you could discover rare original works by tomorrow's big stars, or just something beautiful to make you smile. Buyers will be spoilt for choice by doodles, scribbles, graffiti, sketches, watercolour and oil painting, experimental and conceptual work.

 A unique creative event for everybody, Night of a 1000Drawings brings together school children, homeless people, professional designers and artists, as well as aspiring scribblers and art enthusiasts, to share and value their collective voice.

The event has created a vast and loyal following since 2007, and has since taken place in big cities the world over. Connect on social media and e-mail to watch the momentum build, while Joburg's passionate team of volunteers pulls out all the stops for 2013.


The Story 

When their bakkie was stolen, the inner city charity Paballo ya Batho (Sotho for "caring for the people") faced a big problem. The need to feed the homeless became near impossible. Night of a 1000Drawings was born as a fundraising rescue plan, inspired by a similar but commercial event in New York. 

"This year's event will be focusing on giving back to the creative community, which has supported Night of a 1000Drawings from the start, and which is often overlooked for funding," says Angus Campbell, 1000Drawings' project manager. In particular, the organisers are investigating cultural workers that use art to bring about healing in communities struggling with trauma. 

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