The Ubuntu Girl

The spirit of ubuntu does indeed exist in all of us

The Ubuntu Girl

Sonja Kruse, aka The Ubuntu Girl, had a dream - a recurring dream that one day made her decide to travel around South Africa, proving to herself firstly that the spirit of ubuntu does indeed exist in all of us, and, to remind people that this African term for a global philosophy is something that we all need to remember and embrace and internalise as part of the South African culture. 

Even more so, when crime happens, it is even more important that we don't let it ruin who we are as a people. Instead of letting the effects of crime divide us, she wanted to remind us that the spirit of ubuntu to reunite us, and rekindle our love for humanity is the first thing we should do and keep a focus on.

With R100 note in her back pocket (which she still has by the way, she never spent it because she never needed to), a back pack and her thumb, Sonja travelled to over 150 families to find what she was looking for.

It has been nearly two years later, and she has made a name for herself as The Ubuntu Girl. She is often invited to speak at corporate events, to attend school functions in all areas and to show the youth what ubuntu is all about and to share ideas of what humanity is about. She has also been invited to speak at international conferences to share her experiences, her lessons and her stories about her journey.
Sonja is a beautiful bright light in the face of the many challenges SA faces on a daily basis. She continually proves how embracing our humanity, our "ubuntu-ness" is the answer to making a better South Africa for us, for our families, for our companies and by in large our economy and for both ours and our children's futures.

We are honoured to have her as the brand ambassador for our Ubuntu magazine. 

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