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Ubuntu magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that appeals to the, key role players, leaders, and decision makers, government, civil socety, and the corporate sector by showing how becoming actively involved in the communities in which an entity operates not only does good by the people who live there and who are affected by its being there, and the environment, it positively affects the way in which society sees the brand of the entity.

Good corporate governance, and the triple bottom line (People, planet, profit) are the principles that should drive an entity that understands the way in which business and operations are conducted is changing, become far more inclusive, and are not entities on their own. The magazine is endorsed by the SA Ubuntu Foundation, The Amy Biehl Foundation, is supported by the Greater Good SA and has a brand ambassador in the Ubuntu Girl.

Ubuntu plays a constructive role within the context of the country’s social and economic growth, development and transformation and contributes to building our nation by:

• Advancing and highlighting the role of business in South Africa’s social and economic development and

• Promoting the integration of ubuntu values in key policies and programmes;
• Promoting an understanding of the strategic value of investing in socio-economic development; and
• Advocating sustainable social development and investment.
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