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Celebrities support mental health

SA celebrities are set to invade SADAG on Mandela Day

Celebrities support mental health
Lillian Dube among celebs to visit SADAG

SADAG is SA's largest and most influential mental health NGO - and with the likes of Lillian Dube, Rabin Harduth, Sureshnie Rider, Proverb, Catherine from 5fm, Arno Marais, Lady Lea, Mohammed Nassuirio, Roxy Burger, DJ Fix (5fm), Sade Giliberti, Dave Levisohn, Mariechan from Jamali, Hayley Owen and Tamerin Jardine, Kuli Roberts, Vuyelwa Booi, Angela Guastella, Nicole da Silva, Mshoza, Vabakshnee Chetty backing the cause of mental health - it's no wonder!

This year, on Mandela Day, these celebrities will all be in SADAG's offices, helping SADAG on a designated helpline and spreading messages of happiness, hope and inspiration.

The SADAG counsellors will be on standby for the calls to be transferred to them, to assist the caller, with their problems. "SADAG receives up to 400 calls a day from people across the country needing help, advice, support and referral to mental health professionals", says SADAG's Cassey Chambers. "This year, we're looking forward to receiving a little help from celebrities."

Nelson Mandela gave us the gift of hope and change. Mandela Day was created in the spirit of Madiba - to continue on his legacy of goodwill.

Actions speak louder than words and this year, on the 18th July, South African celebrities will be lending their voices and their time, for 67 minutes, to the cause of making mental health matter. Mandela Day's ethical framework is that of "service to one's fellow human", and what could follow that guideline more than SADAG's crisis centre?

On the 18th July 2013, SADAG and a number of SA celebrities will be on call from 8am to 6pm. "SADAG was founded in 1994 and so we share a lot with Madiba and South Africa", says Chambers. "South Africans are always willing to get involved and take action to change our country - our celebrities are no different. They are taking time and donating their 67 minutes this year to us."

Here's a sneak peak of some of whom are visiting us.

Lillian Dube is a true South African darling and a long-time SADAG supporter. This beautiful compassionate lady will be on call from 11am to 12 noon, Vuyelwa Booi another actress will be joining in our day.

M-Net Idols host and musician, Proverb and singer Mariechan from Jamali will be spreading some hope and inspiration to our callers.

Eastern Mosaic presenter, Mohammed Nassuirio, will be on the lines from 10 to 11am. Vabakshnee Chetty news anchor and presenter will also be helping with our dedicated line on Mandela Day.

Mshoza, Soweto's most notorious and most street credible kwaito singer visits us on Mandela Day.

Talented beauty Roxy Burger will be in SADAG offices at 1pm. She is best known as a TV presenter and contestant of Survivor South Africa.

Sade Giliberti, most famous for being a presenter on YO TV and for hosting So You Think You Can Dance SA, will be visiting us between 1 and 2pm.

5FM DJ and presenter of the Top40 and MTN Yellow Rose ambassador Sush (Sureshnie Rider) will be taking calls between 12 to 1pm. Catherine Grenfell from 5FM and Producer, DJ Fix, Nicole da Silva and Angela Guastella from 5FM and well-known "House Music" DJ Lady Lea will be rounding off our DJ's for the day.

Rabin Harduth and David Levisohn will be crossing the cultural divide from comedy to mental health between 3pm and 4pm. We know some of you will want to chat to both of them.

Arno Marais better known as Isidingo's Badboy will be joining us from 4pm to 5pm, as with Vuyelwa Booi a South African actress, singer and television presenter will be joining us.

Lady of many talents Miss Earth SA 2012, Tamerin Jardine will be supporting SADAG staff and tackling the phone lines on Mandela Day.

SADAG is committed to improving the mental health and well-being of all South Africans through advocacy, education and de-stigmatisation of mental illness. SADAG takes action, inspires change and makes mental health matter.

This 18th July, we look forward to celebrating this and our contribution to "Make Every Day a Mandela Day".

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