by Lynee Hendricks

16 days of activism

Stop the violence

The 16 days of activism campaign spreads the word about domestic violence and child abuse.
Stop violence against women and children

A woman is likely to be killed by a spouse or partner than in a random incident in most cases in South Africa.

We have become so accustomed to violence that we often do not blink at news reports about these violent crimes – until it hits close to home.

The government embarked on a campaign 13 years ago, calling on all South Africans to support just 16 days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children: 16 Days of creating awareness, 16 Days of saying no to violent crimes against women and children.   

Even though the campaign runs for only 16 days, it makes women and children aware of their rights as fellow human beings and valued citizens.

The campaign provides families with a list of contacts to whom they can go for help, as well as the opportunity to cry out for help and thus also speak up for those who no longer can.

It provides the perpetrators with an opportunity to reach out and make amends, to take that first step by saying I am guilty, I am sorry, I want to change, I need help. 

It is up to us as citizens of South Africa – as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands – to take this campaign further and make it a part of our daily way of life. We have the power within our hands to stamp out Violence against Women and Children.

Let’s challenge all South Africans to say no to violence and speak up, to practise this daily. Educate and inform those around you. Report incidents of violence.

Become the voice of those who have had their rights infringed upon and their voices taken away.

Together we can make a difference and stop the violence. 

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