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Abused children at risk of obesity Research has found a link between child abuse and adult obesity
Children who are physically, sexually or emotionally abused or neglected are at greater risk for obesity later in life, a new review suggests
24 May 2013 - M. E.
Editor's Note - March 2013 Every bit helps
The saying goes – it is better to give than to receive. There are many who believe this to be true, yet you will always have those who argue the fact – how can you give when you have so little?
02 Apr 2013 - N. G.
Are all children on social grants attending school? Lack of co-ordination between departments of social development and basic education
It has recently been revealed that the department of social development is struggling to monitor whether children receiving social grants are, in fact, attending school
19 Mar 2013 - M. W.
From hospice to child care unit Tide turns on HIV/Aids related deaths
Cotlands, (Cotlands is a non-profit South African children's organisation) recently announced it has transformed its hospice into an education unit due to the drastic reduction in HIV/Aids related deaths.
25 Jan 2013 - L. W.
Nurture our future leaders Every child deserves a few early years of innocence
No child should have to lose faith in safety and humanity simply because we concentrate our time on ourselves and our own futures – not theirs.
14 Jan 2013 - A. H.
16 days of activism Stop the violence
South Africa is one the most violent places in the world for women and children and they often encounter this violence within the safety of the place they call home.
03 Dec 2012 - L. H.
Can't teach a hungry child Breakfast is the most important meal
The Tiger Brands Foundation has announced its first corporate funding for its schools feeding programme.
02 Oct 2012


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